Dramatic Look: Best of

Loads of People (including groups of people) have been making remixes, edits and imitates of Dramatic Look. It's great to see my work turned into more original work. Less great is youtubers (and others) simply downloading it then posting it as their own...come on guys, make one of yourself, you can even get a green screen version over at www.DramaticPrairieDog.com (or get a t-shirt and ease your guilt at www.cafepress.com/sleepingplanet)

Anyway, these are my favs:
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by Hiroforce

Beautifully done

Darthmatic Chipmunk
by wsykes

He is from the darkside

By Veronica Belmont

Perfect Timing, many more people tired the same, Veronica was the first (i think).

possibly not the originator but this one is posted by bizarronitro

Just fantastic, i can't stop watching this one.

by magnum9er

The attention to detail on this is fantastic, you can even hear the 'chink' as his monocle pops out.

The Original clip
hosted by ericiidx

I have no idea what that sound is made by the girl at the end.
i'm scared by it though...and slightly aroused.

There was also another couple that i couldn't include for technical reasons (fingers of death):

Dramatic CSI
by theHoagie

Perfect timing, just really capture the whole over the topness of that show and the ginger overlord.


Dramatic Us

Just great!

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